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Amy’s Kitchen – gluten free convenience foods

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Amy’s Kitchen is an American owned company that produces vegetarian frozen ready meals and tinned soups, which are also largely gluten free.  There products are available in both the UK and Australia.

Amy’s UK made an announcement in Feb 2022 that the UK arm is closing down, so there may shortages. Australia’s supply comes from the US. You can see more on their Facebook page.

I have sampled several products and hands down, the rice mac & cheese is my favourite (and that of many others too, based on what I see on Twitter!).  I have had the full cheese version, but there is also a dairy free version.

Amy's gluten free Mac & cheese

It doesn’t need defrosting before use and is ready in around 7 minutes in the microwave.  I add my own little Amy's Mac cheese paprika_opttwist to it, by sprinkling on smoked paprika at the half way point when it needs stirring – it gives a nice little kick!

Our trays are paper and lined with PET, a thermoplastic polymer that is free of plasticisers – See more at:

I have one of these meals most weeks when I’m starving after a class at the gym and want something to eat pronto!  Topped with cracked pepper and with a green salad on the side, it is absolutely delicious.  My picture doesn’t do it justice, but you get an idea of the serving size.

Amy's Mac cheese_opt

If you are worried about microwaving food, the frozen items can also be oven heated.  The microwave containers are lined with PET, a thermoplastic polymer that is free of plasticisers (see more on their website under FAQ), but you can remove items into other containers to cook if you prefer.

For a full listing of products, see their website, but here is a list of some of the items I see readily available:

Vegetarian lasagne

Amy's veggie lasagne box_opt

Thai Red curry this was highly commended in the ‘ready meals meat free FreeFrom awards 2014.

Amy's Thai Curry

Country Vegetables and pasta 

Broccoli and Cheddar bake  – this was a runner up in the ‘Pizza & Pasta FreeFrom awards 2014.

I have tried the Mexican Tortilla bake and for some reason it didn’t cook in the time (I used the oven) and although it tasted OK after being finished off in the microwave, it looked liked the dog’s dinner! I probably did something wrong, so would give it another go.  I have also tried the Bean & cheese burrito which I’ve seen on social media that people love, but it didn’t really tickle my taste buds like the other products.

Amy's Tortilla Bake_optAmy's burrito box_opt

Organic Soup Cream of Mushroom / Chunky tomato  / Rustic Italian

These soups are not like the tinned soups you might have tried in the past and they have the bonus of being organic.

The tomato soup is very rich and, as named, has chunks of tomatoes.

Amy's kitchen tomato soup gluten freeAMy's tomato soup_opt

Again with the mushroom – you get full mushroom flavour and you can see the mushrooms.

Amy's kitchen mushroom soup gluten freeAmy's mushroom soup_opt

I usually make my own soup, but these soups are delicious and I have them in the cupboard as a standby when I just can’t be bothered cooking.  Along with some bread they make a quick, light meal.  Below is the Rustic Italian Soup and you can clearly see all the veggie goodness!
Amy's rusctic italian soup_opt

Labelling information

When you look on the back of the packaging, it states that products are made in a factory that contains wheat (among other allergens).  This has caused some concern among the coeliac community, but I have checked with Amy’s and they sent me a fantastic email outlining all of their cross contamination practices, as well as the fact that each manufacturing run of gluten free products is tested for gluten (<20ppm).

UK Stockists

You will find varying ranges in stores, but I have seen them at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Ocado, As Nature Intended, Whole Foods Market and Goodness Direct (online health food shop).  The best range of Amy’s products I have seen has been at Whole Foods Market in Piccadilly, but there is also a reasonable range at Richmond and South Kensington (I have not checked the other stores).

Australian Stockists

You will find the range in the larger Coles stores, IGA and smaller speciality supermarkets.


For more ideas on eating out gluten free in Australia and the UK, please check the following links:

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  1. Mrs Anne Hamilton says:

    I’ve been looking for Amy;s Broccoli and Cheddar Bake and Rice Mac and Cheese in Waitrose, Morningside Road, Edinburgh for several weeks now. I really love these dishes but Waitrose has not had them in stock for a while. They still have the amy’s soups I’m glad to say.
    Anne Hamilton

    • The Coeliac Plate says:

      I love both those products too! I saw recently on Facebook that Amy’s UK arm is closing down, so that may explain shortages. The link is here:
      I am in Australia and noticed our Amy’s products come from the US, so that might be what the UK has to do too.

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