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Chateau Dessert – Chiswick

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Château Dessert is a beautifully presented café that arrived on Chiswick High Road at the end of 2013.  They have a large selection of amazing looking cakes and sweets, which are displayed in glass cabinets.  There is also a good range of teas (including flowering teas), coffees, juices and other cold drinks.

Chateau Dessert Cakes_opt

Being naturally suspicious of how a traditional bakery can also (safely) do gluten free, I popped in to ask about it, and the staff member was well versed in cross contamination issues (eg they use a clean glove to select the cakes).  Just to double check, I popped in a month later and asked a different staff member and got the same story.  This indicated good training, so feeling a bit more confident about it, a group of gluten free gals decided to pop in and try some products.  The owner explained that the central kitchen (not on site) is thoroughly cleaned after the ‘normal’ baking, and then a team of chefs prepare the gluten free cakes on the night shift.   One of the baking staff is Korean, so is used to using rice flour in inventive ways!

Chateau Dessert Menu_optThere is a menu on display, but it is best to ask a staff member to explain what all the cakes are.



I was expecting the cakes to be very rich, but I was very pleasantly surprised – all the items we tasted were delicious!  I particularly enjoyed the chocolate slice, which was like a very light, fluffy mousse.  The passion fruit crème brûlée tart was also lovely, with a very subtle flavour, and beautifully presented.

Chateau Dessert Choc slice_optChateau Dessert passionfruit_opt

My only concern on the night was that the non-GF macaroons (one flavour only) were stored on the same stand as the rest of the macaroons, which does create a risk for cross contamination.  Our group enjoyed a selection of complimentary macaroons (with no side effects…).

Chateau Dessert Macaroons_opt

The owner mentioned that they are planning to make the central display area dedicated to the gluten free items to further prevent cross contamination, which I think would be a great step.  At the time we visited, none of the gluten free items were also dairy free, but a few days later three gluten free and dairy free products were launched:  Mango passion, Raspberry & Madagascan vanilla, and Mocha.

There are also savoury quiches, which are gluten free. I have not tried them yet, but they would be great to take home for a light meal.


Chateau Dessert quiche_opt

They also do gluten free pancakes for breakfast!

Overall, I think a fantastic effort is being made to cater for the gluten free diet, and I will definitely visit Château Dessert again.  The chocolate slice cost £4.75 (eat-in), but I do not think it is unreasonable for the high standard.  They are also a good size serving which you could easily share.

There is a seating area upstairs and free wi-fi.  Château Dessert can also produce celebration cakes to order.

Château Dessert

213 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, W4 2DW.    Tel: 020 8742 2344
Open 7 days, 8am – 9pm


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  1. Joy Stevens says:

    So nice! I’ve recently moved to Chiswick and I am so curious to visit some nice places there. It is great that they make gluten free cakes and that they clean the kitchen so thoroughly! I will definitely visit this place! Thanks for sharing!

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