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Strattera cheaper ).  It's not a bad option but is strattera cheap online not the ideal (or only) answer.  And it does make the first few days of testing challenging in terms temperature regulation and battery life.  The first time you make this modification may notice some issues with the heater's power level, particularly around night time.  The battery will get hot and power may drop.   It's likely you'll be in the coldest part of room most the time but it will take a while to get used to.  So even if you are going to put this on a cold floor it would be smart to put some heavy duty duct tape around the battery tray to protect it and avoid overloading for the first few days. (click to enlarge) I'm sure this is not too helpful, but here's the video I made to explain how this installation: So here's the thing.  As of now  there is no battery tray on this board!  There's just a small area where the battery sits and when you attach the board to base (and possibly the back of board itself) you have this metal tray which sits on the bottom of base.  You can see that I removed the old battery tray and then put it back in after cutting a hole the base metal.  While I was at it also cut off the screw posts that hold battery tray onto the base and this removed battery tray completely.  You can see that the battery tray now slides easily onto the base. There was only one drawback to this installation, which was that the battery tray very difficult to insert into the base and I had to add a small bit of velcro to the base help hold it in.  And took some adjusting of the base.  But this installation will still be a good choice for people who want to put an older board on newer boards (without modifying the firmware). (click to enlarge) Here is the original setup: And here's the modified setup: It would be nice to have all boards with this modification on board (or at least be able to put them on a board with this modification).  But since I've only had this board a few days I can't say I'm sure how long it will last.  I'll update when it starts to show up for review on the site and when battery tray finally stops coming off! Update:   Today is the 30th (!) of May.  It appears that the battery tray has held up quite well during this entire time.  I've put about Cymbalta discount prices 3 times the stress on mine as I had the original battery tray so I am optimistic that the tray has at least held up for this long.  It may also be that I was under-stressing the boards to see how they'd hold up with such short battery life and then taking the batteries off when they were already down into the 15% cut-off.  The original battery tray is actually still on it, but it looks like has been slightly modified since I put it on.  It feels like has a little more play in it, even though it's only slightly larger.   That said, the tray looks like it may be a good place to store the batteries once time comes that you buy enough batteries to power the board.   original battery tray, however, looks like just the right size to give board a more comfortable/comfortable place to rest it. (click to enlarge) Conclusion There are a lot of advantages to this modification, in the name of trying to get better battery life out of the boards.  Unfortunately it doesn't eliminate the need for a good battery tray in the current design though some people may prefer that style.  I will definitely want to make the tray center piece on future boards.  It's too bad I can't put the tray on top of board, it would look much better.  And again, as of now it looks like you can't put the tray on drugstore highlighter australia one of board's sides, though that may change in the near future. The other thing battery tray does is allow you to plug it into the same power supply you are going to be putting the circuit board behind (and and battery may not be exactly on the same grid).  And since I already have the base on, that means I can just leave off the front plate and rear plate, all I need in the rest of board is power cable and a 9-volt DC adapter.  This would make an excellent installation for somebody who wants to install a system without the battery tray.  However, if you have a spare charger laying around that you don't actually use well, the battery tray could be a viable option.

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