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Giraffe – gluten free and family friendly

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Giraffe is a casual chain restaurant with outlets in central and suburban London (including Heathrow and Gatwick airports) and also around the UK.   The staff are always friendly and overall the restaurants have a young feel.  It is a family friendly restaurant, and also somewhere you could go to eat on your own and not feel too obvious.

The food is a mixture of healthy options like salads, grilled salmon, stir fries and risotto, but there are also items like burger & chips (not gluten free) & kids options.   Below is a picture of the chorizo risotto which is a good dinner option.

Giraffe risotto with chorizo_opt

Giraffe allegy menu_optIf you have any special dietary requirements, the stores have a guide to all the major allergens which you can ask for.

Gluten free is also often marked on the menu, but I have found variations between stores and if you look at the allergy guide there will be additional gluten free options.

I have also seen a separate dedicated gluten free menu (below) which is my preferred option!


Giraffe menu_opt

For breakfast, out of the whole menu only one item is marked gluten free at Heathrow T5, which is a ‘nut bowl’ and it is delicious.  It is a fruit salad in yoghurt with crushed pistachios & almonds, with orange blossom.  It is not overly filling, but teamed with a fresh juice it is a nice way to start the day.  The online menu shows other GF options for breakfast, such as an omelette, so check the options at your local store.

Nut bowl 1_optGiraffe breakfast menu_opt

As mentioned, Giraffe is a family friendly restaurant – this is a good thing if you have young kids, but can be not so great when you don’t!   Below is a picture of all the prams at the Southbank restaurant on a summer’s weekend!

There are some Giraffe spin offs, such as Giraffe Stop and Giraffe Kiosk.  I have seen this at King’s Cross station and they had a GF salad option and also bowls of curry or 3 bean chilli.

King's Cross giraffe stop_opt Giraffe King's Cross_opt


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