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Gluten Free 4U – Australian gluten free bakery

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Are you looking for a bit of gluten free heaven in Melbourne and Brisbane?  Then you need to visit the dedicated gluten free bakery Gluten Free 4U  and you will be like a kid in a candy shop!

Gluten Free 4U_opt

They have a created a huge range of baked goods and breads that you will not believe are gluten free.   There are also options for dairy free, yeast free, egg free, low FODMAP etc.  All products are nut free. Missing a baguette?  A pie?  A danish or slice?   You will find all of these and more!GF4U cabinet_opt
They also have a small range of grab & go lunch items that are pre-heated (eg pie, sausage roll, mini quiche).  Some stores do have coffee and seating.  If you are not able to visit in person, you can also order online or via phone for delivery in the metropolitan area.

Keep calm sign_opt

This post barely scratches the surface of what is available, but will hopefully whet your appetite.  I am starting with doughnuts, as doughnuts regularly come up as something coeliacs desperately miss.  How many times have you walked past the amazing smell of a doughnut van at a show or seen a Crispy Creme box turn up at work and you just watch on with envy?

For me, both the cinnamon and the jam doughnuts give me that feeling of being a kid at Moomba.  The cinnamon doughnuts photo shows them in their bag – they went straight from there into my mouth :-).  The iced doughnuts are also good, but for me nothing beats the cinnamon and sugar.

GF4U cinnamon donuts_opt Iced donut

The jam doughnuts need a zap in the microwave so the jam is nice and hot and gooey!

Gluten Free 4U jam donut_opt Gluten Free 4U jam donut (cut)_opt

As amazing as the doughnuts are, for me the best thing to come out of Gluten Free 4U is their vanilla slices!  I absolutely love, love, love vanilla slices and they taste exactly as I remember them.   There is also a vegan (dairy free/egg free) variety.

Gluten free 4U Vanilla slice_opt

Whenever I am there, I also usually buy a treat for my non GF husband and below is the lemon tart that recently got the tick of approval.

Lemon tart

For those missing pastries, there are a selection of danishes and other French items like croissants and chocolate croissants (pain au chocolat) and they do taste like light pastry!   The chocolate croissant is nice ‘as is’, but I really enjoyed the half I put in the microwave to melt the chocolate.

GF4U Pain au choc_opt GF4U Pain au choc sliced_opt

The danishes are large and big enough to share.  As an easy dessert, I have bought a variety of danishes and warmed them slightly through in the oven before halving and serving.

GF4U danish cooked

There are plenty of other sweet treats to choose from and if you are from overseas don’t forget to try a lamington :-).  If you have a special occasion coming up, you can also order celebration cakes.  You can see the full range and prices at  Gluten Free 4U.

As well as the cakes, there is a wide variety of breads (loaves, rolls etc.) and savoury options.

GF4U Quiche large packThey do a large rectangle family size quiche (which cuts into four good size portions for a meal with some salad).  My favourite flavour (pictured) is unfortunately not made anymore, but they do have chicken and asparagus, bacon and cheese, and spinach and feta. All the ones I have bought have also been fructose friendly.

GF4U Quiche slice cooked

Quiches are also available as an individual serve and I often heat an additional one to eat cold for lunch the next day.

There is also pre-prepared garlic bread if you would like to add that as a side dish.  Garlic bread is a real treat for a coeliac!

GF4U Garlic bread pieces

You will also find a good range of frozen pies and sausage rolls (including party size) and many other items in the freezers, such as ready meals, dim sims, ravioli and gnocchi etc.

GF4U Party pies GF4U Sausage rollsCOOKED_opt

If you need a lunch on the run, you can buy a warm pie, sausage roll or quiche.  The sausage rolls above are the fructose friendly carrot ones, and the one below is meat with onion.

GF4U pie takeaway_optTakeaway sausage roll_opt

If you are vegan, there is a vegan curry pie as well as the vegan vanilla slice and peppermint slice.

It is a good idea to follow Gluten Free 4U on Facebook so you can see their latest creations.

Note:  I have no association with Gluten Free 4U and purchased all food reviewed.


For locations addresses and opening hours, please check the Gluten Free 4U website

  • Melbourne & surrounds
    • Moorabbin
    • Kew
    • Frankston (has cafe seating)
    • Boronia (has cafe seating)
    • Geelong (has cafe seating)
  • Brisbane (Queensland)
  • Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast (Queensland)
  • Darwin (Northern Territory)

All stores closed on Sunday, Monday and Public Holidays.


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