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Greenwich market – gluten free

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I don’t know how I’ve missed this gem on previous visits to Greenwich, but I guess I have just headed straight to the Cutty Sark or to Greenwich park and haven’t veered into the shopping area.  We stumbled across Greenwich market which is an undercover market, but is still a bit open to the elements.  It has some great craft, jewellery, t-shirts, bags, paintings and photos, gift stalls etc and many food stalls with hot food and sweet treats – including some gluten free ones!


We were wandering through the market and found Ruby Tuesdays vegan cake stall, with not only gluten free cupcakes and biscuits, but DONUTS!!  I have not had a donut for years and years and it is one of those things in the gluten free world that is very hard to crack (like croissants), as the gluten is what makes them light and fluffy, so I was very excited.

Greenwich Ruby sign_opt

I was too full to eat my donuts straight away, so ate them the next day and they were excellent.  Still slightly more dense than a gluten filled donut, but I thought they were very tasty (cold and warmed in the microwave)

Ruby Tuesdays’s doGreenwich Ruby Tuesday donuts_optnuts and a (slightly squashed cupcake – from carrying all day).



Greenwich Ruby cakes_optRuby Tuesdays’s stall selection!  They are also all vegan.


Ruby Tuesdays’s stall is only there on the weekend, so you will be disappointed if you go there during the week!


Note: Ruby’s website says although all measures are taken to avoid cross contamination, they cannot guarantee against air born contamination.



Planet Pancake - Greenwich_opt I have read about people visiting the Mini Dutch Dippers stall, now renamed as Planet Pancake.  Although these are gluten free, they are not advertised as such as it was putting the non-gluten free people off!  NB Not all the toppings are gluten free.

I think these are actually poffertjes renamed for the English.  I first tried them in Amsterdam about 20 years ago and made myself sick on them for eating too many (because they were so yummy, pre GF days!).  Their opening days on the Greenwich Market website are down as  Tue/Wed/Thurs/Sat, but still under the Mini Dutch Dippers name.




Greenwich market
College Approach, Greenwich Market, SE10 9HZ

The market is open Tues-Sun 10am-5.30pm, including bank holidays – see website for craft days and antique/collectables days


If you like markets, I have also done a post on Borough Market, near London Bridge, which is worth a visit.

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  1. J Jones says:

    Apparently Rubies cannot say there is not a chance of cross contamination.
    So as a coeliac.i am a bit wary.

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