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A guide to going gluten free

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Have you just been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease?  You may feel like you will never eat out again, or enjoy your food like you used to.  It is an overwhelming diagnosis, as life revolves around food and eating is something you do many times each day.


It does get easier and you will enjoy gluten free food – in fact you will get ridiculously excited over gluten free finds and touched by the effort some people go to so that you can eat safely.  There will also be some trials where your meal is forgotten (eg on a long plane journey) or people don’t take your diet seriously, but luckily these incidents are in the minority.

Click here for a 4 page guide to getting started with a gluten free diet which will be a helpful ‘quick-start’ while you are joining your local Coeliac society and waiting for your dietitian appointment (sometimes this can take weeks or months).

The overview on what is gluten free (and what isn’t) as well as some basic label reading information may also be useful for your friends and family members.


You may also find it useful to join a Coeliac forum on Facebook where you can safely ask questions and see the latest product and restaurant finds in your area.

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About the Author: Caroline was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2006 and likes to share her gluten free finds around the UK, Australia and the rest of the world! See more on her in the 'About' page. .


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