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Seven handy kitchen items if you are gluten free

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Recently diagnosed with coeliac disease? This post lists seven handy kitchen items if you are gluten free –  they will help you navigate gluten free life and avoid cross contamination.

All products are available in Australia and the UK.

products to buy when you go gluten free

1. Toaster bags 

Toaster bags are a must if you can’t have a dedicated gluten free toaster at home. Also great for work or when travelling.

Toaster bags for gluten free bread

In Australia you can buy them from variety shops,  Coeliac Australia (if you are a member) or in the UK, Lakeland has good quality ones.


2. Microwaveable toastie maker

The Morphy Richards toastie maker is a great option for your work lunches or to takeaway on holiday.  It is hard to believe you can get a nice toastie by microwaving but it is true!  Click here for a full review.

Morphy Richards Mico Toastie


3. Toast tongs

We all know gluten free bread can be tiny and it can sometimes be hard to get out of the toaster.  Toaster tongs solve this problem and have a little magnet to stick to the side of your toaster.

They are made out of bamboo so are safe to use in the toaster. I have found them brilliant over Easter for getting hot cross buns out of the toaster!

Toast tongs

In Australia you can get these at shops like Kitchen Warehouse, Harris Scarfe or Bunnings. I first saw them in the UK at Lakeland.


4. Gluten free stickers 

Use gluten free stickers to identify products that need to be protected from cross contamination (like your margarine, mustard or Nutella) or to identify containers that contain gluten free food. Essential if you are the only coeliac in the household!

gluten free stickers

(NB: these stickers are no longer available)

You can find plenty of options via Google but here are some ideas:

Gluten free Labels (USA)–  ships to the UK & Australia for both domestic and commercial use

The Gluten Free Queen (AU)

Brightstar kids labels (AU)    (also stickers for allergies: dairy free, egg free, nut free etc.)


5. Toothpick flags

These gluten free food flags are handy when entertaining and kids’ parties so your gluten free guests know what is safe for them to eat.

gluten free food flags

You can find plenty of options via Google or on Etsy but here are some ideas:

Kent Paper GF flags (AU)

Gluten free Labels (USA)–  ships to the UK & Australia


6. Personalised chopping board

I have seen lots of people on social media loving their wooden chopping boards with variations of ‘only gluten free on me’ engraved into them.

Warrior Box gluten free chopping board

Source: Warrior Box Instagram

You can find plenty of options via Google or on Etsy but here are some ideas:

ThermoArt (AU)


Warrior Box (AU) (website currently down – not sure if temporary or permanent)


7. Thermomix

This is an expensive one but I love making everything from scratch in it and knowing what is in my food. You can cook, steam, stir, grind and more! Fantastic for soups, risottos, dips, curry etc.

It also means you don’t need to store certain pantry items as you can just make them as you need them – i.e. turn rice into rice flour, turn sugar into caster sugar etc.  The image below is salmon steamed for a salmon salad that I make in my Thermomix.

Thermomix Salmon

Available worldwide through demonstration only – just Google Thermomix in your country.  There are also cheaper products out now that are similar to the Thermomix.


Comment below on what you have found really useful in the kitchen once you went gluten free. Toaster bags were the first thing I bought when I was diagnosed over ten years ago and my most recent addition has been the toaster tongs, which I love!


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