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Hong Kong gluten free – M&S Food

On a recent stop over through Hong Kong I was thrilled to discover the familiar Marks & Spencer Food stores there, which hadn’t come up in my many hours researching Hong Kong gluten free options for our visit.

M&S Food HK sign_opt

Hong Kong M&S pasta_optI love the M&S ‘Made Without Wheat’ range in the UK, and they did have a number of these items in the Hong Kong stores I checked.  The main difference from the UK, apart from there being less of a selection, is that the gluten free items are not in a ‘free from’ section, but in with all the normal items.

They stocked biscuits, pasta, crisps, one type of bread, flours and cereal – the photos below are a selection, including my favourite cheese puffs!

Hong Kong M&S biscuits_opt

A selection of sweet biscuits above; cheese puffs, tortilla chips and rice porridge below; three pasta options to the right.

Hong Kong M&S cheese puffs_opt   Hong Kong M&S porridge_opt

Soon after I had visited, someone posted this picture of my favourite cake in the whole word – the coffee & walnut cake! You can also see the bread in this photo.

M&S Hong Kong Cake bread_opt

There are also naturally gluten free items in the fridge section, such as salads, veggie sticks, dips and cold meats.

We made up a selection of items for dinner a couple of times and ate it in the hotel room as it was an easy light meal and probably safer than trying to get a gluten free option for room service.  Although it was still expensive (as everything is in Hong Kong), it would still have been cheaper than room service!  Unfortunately I can’t find the receipt, but for two people I think we spent around £50.

For more on Hong Kong see below:


This ‘Discover Hong Kong’ link has a good list of M&S stores in Hong Kong (as I couldn’t get the M&S site to show their locations):

I visited these two stores:

Kowloon – iSquare, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui  (walking distance from several hotels, such as the Shang-ri La)

Hong Kong Island –  Kinwick Centre Food Store (pic below), Kinwick Centre, 32 Hollywood Road, SOHO, Central (on the corner of Shelley Road where the escalators turn the corner!)

M&S Food Hong Kong sign_opt

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