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Marks & Spencer gluten free range

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M&S Union Jack_opt

M&S Gluten free logoMany Brits hold a soft spot in their heart for Marks & Spencer (M&S) and M&S food is one of my favourite food stores in the UK.  For gluten free or ‘normal’ food, they are known for good quality.  The M&S gluten free range is called ‘Made Without Wheat’, but they have also made many of their standard products gluten free (such as sausages, burgers etc.) and they are clearly labelled.

You will now also find small M&S stores at road services which is great for a lunch on the road or to stock up on supplies on route.

This review provides a sample of many of the products I have bought and enjoyed.  The list may be useful for newly diagnosed coeliacs or for visitors to the UK who are not sure which products to spend their money on.

* Note, as I no longer live in London, this list is out of date, but gives a guide as to what is available. It will be updated later in 2019 *

M&S Shelves (cake, biscuits, bread, beer)_opt

Cakes & Sweet Biscuits

I am going to start with my all time favourite cake – the coffee & walnut cake.   I nearly had to stop going into M&S as I would buy this cake every time I went in as it is sooo delicious!  Luckily it is quite small, but it still would serve several people for a coffee morning.   I haven’t heard anything bad about any of the cakes – sponge cake, lemon drizzle cake and celebration cakes.

M&S Coffee & Walnut cake_opt M&S Coffee & Walnut cake slice_opt

There are a range of sweet biscuits and I particularly like the ginger biscuits, but my gluten eating husband really likes the millionaire’s shortbreads in a tub that make them easy to share or to keep fresh.

M&S biscuits_opt

I have also found a single serve chocolate muffin at Victoria train station, however I found it incredibly rich and would not be able to eat it all in one sitting.  It would buy it again though if I needed something to take visiting or for a long train journey.

M&S Choc muffin_opt

Savoury snacks

I am a massive fan of the M&S cheese puffs and sea salt and black pepper crackers – both great with a bit of dip, but also are nice on their own as a savoury nibble.

M&S Cheese Puff & pepper crackers_opt  M&S Cracked pepper_opt

There is also a range of cheese puffs that are gluten free by ingredient which come in snack size bags which are great for travelling or for lunch boxes.  The mini cheese crackers come in small packs that are handy to have in your handbag for the inevitable cheese course for dessert when out for dinner!

M&S Cheesy puffs & tasters_opt  M&S Mini cheese bics_opt



Gone are the days when a slice of gluten free bread was the size of a postage stamp and crumbled on handling.  M&S have a really nice selection of breads and my favourite is the Sliced White Boule with poppy seeds.  I love seeds in bread and this bread reminds me of my carefree pre-GF days!

M&S boule loaf_opt  M&S poppy seed loaf_opt

If you don’t like seeds, the brown bloomer slices are also lovely.

M&S Brown Bloomer_opt

For breakfast or a snack, try the tea loaf or crumpets.

M&S Tea loaf pic_optM&S Crumpets

Lunch options

Lunch is often a hard meal for coeliacs when nipping out from the office to get a quick bite to eat.

Some of the bigger stores do a couple of different types of sandwiches (see types of packaging below), but most have a good selection of salads.  I even found this sandwich at Exeter services and was very impressed I could also pick up a sponge cake for afternoon tea with a relative.

M&S Ploughmans vertical_optM&S GF sandwich

People also rave about the Scotch eggs but they are not my cup of tea (maybe because I’m Australian and a breaded hard boiled egg just seems bizarre to me!).

M&S Scotch eggs_optM&S Scotch eggs cut_opt

I frequently buy the salmon & potato salad and egg & ham salad – a good bit of protein with some salad and a tasty dressing.

M&S Salmon salad_optM&S Salmon salad plated_opt

M&S Egg & Ham salad_opt

If you need a snack to top off your lunch or to keep afternoon hunger pangs at bay, there are also some bars like the caramel pecan crunch bar.

M&S pecan crunch_opt


Ready Meals

If you have access to an oven or stove, M&S have a good range of gluten free quiches, ‘bakes’ and other quick meals.  These are also enjoyed by the gluten eaters, but I particularly like the mushroom bakes and quiche lorraine.

M&S Chick & mush bake_opt M&S Chick & mush bake cooked_opt

M&S Quiche_opt M&S Quiche plated_opt

M&S stir fry_opt M&S stir fry cooked_opt

M&S Soups_optM&S Chicken & Rice Soup_opt

If you have kids, the breaded chicken fillets or chicken nuggets are likely to keep them happy!

M&S breaded chicken_opt

Fresh pasta

Launched at the end of 2018, they now have fresh ravioli.

Entertaining/Christmas season

For the Christmas period, special items are released such as Christmas puddings (individual and family size), mince tarts as well as fantastic heat and serve options for entertaining. These always prove extremely popular and sell out quickly.  As some are suitable for freezing, I recommend buying extra!

M&S Xmas pigs in blankets_opt M&S Xmas Party Cheese bites_opt

M&S Xmas Mince pies_opt M&S Xmas mini kievs_opt

If you need  a drink to wash all this food down, you can even buy a gluten free beer!

M&S GF beer_opt

Just a note of caution though – the M&S cola contains barley, so check soft drinks carefully before purchasing.

You will even find M&S in some European cities and even further afield – I found a pretty good selection of gluten free items in Amsterdam and also in Hong Kong!

What are your favourite items from M&S?

Marks & Spencer Food

Please check store locations on the website, but if you are visiting London, there are stores in Covent Garden, Waterloo and Victoria train stations, St Thomas’ Hospital, Green Park, Pantheon Oxford Street and further down Oxford street at Marble Arch (near Selfridges), Bankside and the City.  The two largest stores are:

Marble Arch, 458 Oxford Street, London, W1C 1AP.

Covent Garden, 107 – 115 Long Acre Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9NT.


For more ideas on eating out gluten free in the UK and around the world, please check the following links:

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  1. Sophie says:

    This is a very good article and even though it is slightly outdated the products are still the exact same.

  2. Annie says:

    I used to purchase Gluten free scones from M & S, but no I can’t seem to find any. Do you still stock them, and if not why not as I was told that they were a best seller. Thank you

    • The Coeliac Plate says:

      Hi Annie
      Best to get in touch with M&S customer service (this post is a review on a blog)!

    • Jacqui Jones says:

      Sorry to tell you – but M&S have changed their supplier on gluten free bread, the brown seeded loaf – my all time favourite is now awful! Please everyone complain and get their original supplier back, the difference is like chalk and cheese – it cannot possibly be a person who eats gluten free who has made the decision to do this – it really, cannot!!

  3. Sally Hatton says:

    Do M&S sell dairy/soy free food items

  4. Lee says:

    I am one of the organizers of The Allergy & Free From Show and we are doing are best to get M&S involved with the show. They have made some really positive strides in terms of the ‘free from’ products that they now offer and the quality of these foods are fantastic! I don’t think it will be too long until they are competing with some of the other supermarkets who are slightly ahead in the ‘free from’ world.

  5. Helen says:

    Diagnosed Coeliac 6 months ago and struggled horribly until I came across M & S awesome range of gluten free foods. Their cheese ploughmans sandwich was a life saver! Now more experienced I still do my weekly shop at M & S.

  6. Cheryl says:

    I have had coeliac disease for 45 years and have tried and tested thousands of breads and foods from all over the world and I can now say that the best selection of really tasty convenient food I’ve ever tasted is from marks and spencer it’s wonderful congratulations M&S only one question where do the wraps you use to make Piri Piri wraps come from because I’d love to be able to buy them online cheryl from Birmingham

    • The Coeliac Plate says:

      Hi Cheryl, it is great to hear you love the M&S products – I agree they are great! I’m not sure which wraps they use, so it is best to contact M&S customer service.

  7. Geraldine says:

    Thank you for this. I was recently diagnosed (2 days ago) and was desperate for info. It has really cheered me up to know that I can still get some goodies in M & S!

  8. Harriet says:

    I love the m&s mini millionaire’s shortbread bites, I can easily eat a tub in a sitting – I wish they’d serve them as individual bars so I could get my fix without the temptation of the whole tub!

    I also really like some of the fuller for longer (or whatever it has just been renamed to) ready meals that are safe to eat – especially the cod mornay and Thai green chicken.

    The other great thing about m&s is the labelling, if something doesn’t have any gluten containing ingredients but there is a risk of cross-contamination it will specifically say ‘not suitable for coeliacs’ on the label – gives great peace of mind.

    Thankfully there is not an m&s near my work, otherwise I’d be in there every day and much poorer…

    • The Coeliac Plate says:

      Great idea about the millionaire’s shortbreads 🙂 When I’m in Australia, M&S is the thing I miss most about the UK!!

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