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New Freedom Bakery – gluten free Bendigo

Years ago I heard good things about the bread from New Freedom Bakery in Bendigo, and I finally got to visit and sample it for myself – it was worth the wait!

The bread is as close as you will get to ‘normal’ – more on that shortly.

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For visitors that many not be aware, Bendigo is around a two hour drive from Melbourne.  It has a gold rush history and some lovely old buildings and is definitely worth a stop if you are driving around Victoria.  Many people from Melbourne travel to Bendigo to visit the gallery that holds some world class exhibitions.

The bakery is in the city centre, just slightly off ‘the beaten track’, but walking distance from the main shopping area or gallery.

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You can eat in or takeaway, with a selection of rolls, fresh or toasted sandwiches, savoury items (eg pastie, sausage roll) and of course a wide variety of sweet options.  The menu options are shown below.

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I had a beef pulled roll, which comes with gravy, but I also added cheese and tomato to make it a bit more filling after a long drive from Melbourne.  If I hadn’t known it was a 100% gluten free bakery, I would have wondered if I had been accidentally provided a normal roll as it was so soft!  I finished it off with a sweet treat in the form of a jam tart which was also excellent.

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I bought a seeded farmhouse loaf and rolls to take home (I was told they also freeze well).  The bread is a very good size for a gluten free loaf.  I made a sandwich with it two days later and it was still soft and delicious!  This is almost unheard of for gluten free bread, so I am very impressed.

nrew-freedom-chicken-sandwich-1_opt  new-freedom-rolls_opt

Their website informs us that they use a gluten-free premix called Tru-Dough which has been developed over 17 years and has a 4/5 Health Star rating.  It also sold under the brand name ‘FG Roberts Cottage Bread Mix’.

The Tru-Dough Mix can produce breads which are:


The mix is also low GI and FODMAP friendly.  If you want to make your own bread, you can order the dry mixes to be sent anywhere in Australia.

I also took home some frozen sausage rolls from their freezer section.  These were another success and both my husband and I thought they were the best gluten free sausage rolls we had ever tasted!


I rarely bother to make my own bread, but after tasting the New Freedom options, I am planning to order the mix for Christmas when I need to cater for gluten free, dairy free, low GI and low FODMAP!

The bakery was doing a steady trade on the day I visited and I would love to visit again.  The only downside is they aren’t open on the weekend when many tourists are in Bendigo.   Gluten free Bendigo seems to be centred around this area, as around the corner is 100% gluten free cafe Blue Jam, which is open 8am until mid afternoon 6 days a week (closed Sat).

Also look out for Let Them Eat Crepe! at markets around Bendigo.


26 Short Street, Bendigo  VIC  3550

Monday – Friday from 8:30am to 5.30pm
(see stockists on website for purchase on a weekend)


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