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Pizza Express – gluten free pizza

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Pizza is usually a gluten filled food that Coeliacs miss out on – but around the middle of 2013, there was an explosion of gluten free pizza in the UK high street chains.  We went from having one or two options (never close to home!) to get a gluten free pizza, and now it is available in many restaurants (eg Pizza Express, Prezzo, Domino’s, Pizza Hut).  This is due to Coeliac UK doing wonderful work with some of the large chains, training them in all matters gluten free.

Pizza Express - announcing Gluten Free!

Pizza Express – announcing Gluten Free!

You may wonder how safe it is to eat in a gluten filled pizza restaurant?   Staff are trained in cross contamination, and Pizza Express for example, use gluten free flour for tossing and stretching ALL dough, so that flour isn’t flying through the air and landing on your gluten free meal.  You can see on their website page on gluten free how they have achieved Coeliac UK GF accreditation.

To help calm a worrying Coeliac’s mind, all GF pizzas are served on a black stone board and are not sliced.  The only differences I have noted between different stores is that some give you a fantastic serrated knife to help cut the pizza, once I’ve had a pizza cutter, and several times just normal cutlery.  The pizzas are thin crust and there are plenty of GF toppings to choose from.  I have eaten in various branches around London and the UK and have had consistent service, and importantly, have never been ‘glutened’.   Some visual examples of the gluten free pizzas on offer are here:

American Hot (with mushrooms)

American Hot (with mushrooms)

La Reine

La Reine

Pomodoro Pizza

Pomodoro Pizza

There are also some non-pizza menu items if you don’t fancy a pizza, like a salad or a Melanzane Parmigiana.    There is always a GF chocolate brownie as a dessert option.

Pizza Express are also catering for Coeliacs in the seasonal specials.  For example, one winter there was a crumble dessert (but contains oats).  In Australia we are advised not to eat oats and I’ve decided to continue that in the UK (even though here uncontaminated oats are deemed gluten free), so I passed, but my husband took one for the team so I could take a picture of it 🙂

Pizza Express dessert_opt Pizza Express apple crumble2_opt

In 2016 the long awaited gluten free version of the famous dough balls was introduced – highly recommend them!  Sorry for blurry text, but you can see what they look like which is the main thing!

Pizza Express dough balls_opt

Source: Pizza Express

To find a Pizza Express near you, click the link  Central London Pizza Express restaurants are listed in my London restaurant listing on the Restaurant List page.

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  1. gill albiston says:

    Just been to PZ and watched the server place a normal small pizza on the top black pizza board, cut it and then slide it onto the plate for serving, leaving the dirty contaminated board on the top of the pile. I told the manager about what I had just seen and he had no interest at all even when I advised him it had Coeliac Disease. he said they use the boards in the middle of on their pile so this is not a issue……, he then took the menu and could not get us out the branch fast enough. I have eaten here for years and am so dissappointed and have pass this inforation over to the head office to try and prevent someone from getting ill due to this contamination issue.

  2. Daniah Hafez says:

    I recently visited a pizza express and had such a bad reaction! I was extremely excited at their new gluten free menu and clearly extremely disappointed although companies are offering gluten free I don’t think the extremes of cross contamination are taught or fully understood. I have severe reactions and genuinely starting to give up on eating outside of the house! Sorry just wanted to share.

    • The Coeliac Plate says:

      Hi Daniah
      What a shame – Pizza Express are accredited with Coeliac UK so they should all be trained in cross contamination procedures. I would suggest you contact Coeliac UK to let them know which store you had difficulty with.

      Have you seen the 100% gluten free page (under Reviews & Travel menu) which might help you find safe places to eat?

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