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Quorn gluten free products for vegetarians

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This is a guest post by Wendy Hollands, a good friend of The Coeliac Plate, who happens to be a vegetarian.  Wendy lives in France, but frequently buys Quorn products from the UK.  For more details on Wendy, see her bio at the end of the post.

Quorn have built their reputation on providing tasty, hearty meat alternatives for vegetarians. Many of their products are now certified as gluten free, and the range is still growing. This is welcome news for coeliacs who want to avoid meat or who are simply trying to cut down.

Does Quorn really taste like meat? It’s a bit like asking if gluten-free croissants really taste like croissants. There is some difference, but that’s by no means a negative point. Say goodbye to chewy gristle and lumps of unexpected fat! For vegans and vegetarians who don’t particularly like the taste of meat, Quorn may also hit the mark. I sampled five Quorn gluten-free products and here’s what I thought.

Quorn Meat Free Family Roast

Quorn roast pack_optThis roast resembles a big Christmas bonbon with the ends cut off. It goes straight from the freezer to the oven, and conveniently cooks in around the same time as roasted vegetables. It’s sealed in a cellophane-like wrapping, which stays on during roasting to keep it succulent.  The ‘white meat’ roast had a consistent texture and flavour throughout, and tasted great served with cranberry jelly, gravy and plenty of roasted vegetables.

Quorn Gluten Free Quarter Pounders

Quorn GF quarter poundersThis frozen fake meat patty looks like a pre-cooked burger, and it comes in both gluten-free and gluten varieties (so check the packaging for the green crossed grain logo). I tried it on the BBQ and in a fry pan and both results were fantastic. The exterior was a little rigid, which was the only telltale sign that the patty was not made of meat. Biting in, the texture resembled well-cooked minced meat. The burgers have their own smokey flavour so I didn’t taste much difference between the burger from the frying pan and the burger from the BBQ.

Quorn Gluten Free Sausages

*2019 note – these are being discontinued*

Quorn Gluten_free_Sausages optAs someone who never liked that fatty, overpowering aftertaste of some sausages, I loved this alternative. As a child, I did my best to avoid sausages, and my first ever Quorn sausage was a revelation. Even if I started eating meat again, I’d prefer the Quorn sausage! Sausage aficionados might be disappointed with these sausages.

If Quorn expand their gluten-free sausage range to include their fresh Best of British sausages, which taste far too much like a sausage for me, any vegetarians who do enjoy the flavour of a real sausage will be satisfied. Currently, the gluten-free variety of Quorn sausages are only available frozen.

Quorn Meat Free Chicken Fillets

Quorn Chicken_fillets_optI cooked these refrigerated chicken-style fillets in a few different ways. The first was in a lightly-oiled electric grill to produce those sear marks you see on meat. It needed gravy as the fillet was a little dry. Without oil, the fillet sticks to the grill, but it leaves behind a thin, tasty brown crust that I enjoyed picking at after the grill had cooled down.

Quorn breast cooking_opt Quorn breast plated 3_opt

I cooked the next fillet in shallow water in a frying pan. This kept the fillet incredibly moist, and although it lacked aesthetic grill marks, it was much juicier. Another one went in the oven with onions and garlic, covered with seasoned tomato puree and it too remained tender. The tomato flavour dominated the dish. Conclusion: the cooking method is the key to getting the results you’re looking for with these fillets.


Quorn Meat Free Wafer Thin Chicken Style Slices

I was skeptical when I first opened these deli slices. I rolled up a single slice to taste first, and I was impressed. Had it not been lunchtime, I would have eaten them all as a snack! Although they have more texture than the meat equivalent, they are succulent with a salty kick to the flavour. These slices made me wish I lived in an area where Quorn is easily accessible so I could snack on them regularly.

My sandwich consisted of the deli slices, cheddar cheese, garden lettuce, garden tomatoes and seeded mustard. It was delicious, and the cheese and deli slices provided enough protein to keep me full all afternoon.


Quorn gluten-free products in the UK might not be available in other countries, but you can check the products after selecting your country on the main Quorn website.  (NB Australia does not yet have gluten free Quorn products).


Some of the Quorn gluten free products available in the UK are listed below, but just look for the green crossed grain logo on the packaging!

Quorn Meat Free Mince (chilled and frozen)
Quorn Meat Free Chicken Pieces (chilled and frozen)
Quorn Meat Free Frozen Chicken Fillets
Quorn Meat Free Roast Chicken Slices
Quorn Meat Free Family Roast
Quorn Meat Free BBQ Chicken Fillets
Quorn Meat Free Thai Chicken Fillets
Quorn Meat Free Steak Strips
Quorn Meat Free Steak Diane
Quorn Meat Free Stir-Fry Strips
Quorn Gluten Free Quarter Pounder
Quorn Gluten Free Sausages
Quorn Meat Free Hot Dogs
Quorn Meat Free Chicken Deli
Quorn Meat Free Wafer Thin Chicken Deli slices
Quorn Meat Free Chorizo
Quorn Meat Free Ham Slices
Quorn Meat Free Smokey Ham Slices
Quorn Meat Free Wafer Thin Ham Slices
Quorn Meat Free Peppered Beef Slices
Quorn Meat Free Pepperoni Style Slices
Quorn Meat Free Frankfurters
Quorn Meat Free Turkey Steaks
Quorn Meat Free Bacon Slices
Quorn Meat Free Bacon Rashers

(Above list taken from Quorn January 2015 gluten free announcement combined with information from the Quorn gluten-free products webpage.)

Photo credits:  Packaging:  Quorn / Food photos:  Wendy Hollands

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About the Author: Wendy Hollands is a guest contributor for The Coeliac Plate. Wendy is an Australian writer living in France and visits the UK regularly. She is a long-term vegetarian and has experimented with gluten free options for managing migraines. Read more about her on her website: .


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