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Rome gluten free – Buon appetito!

Are you looking forward to your trip to Rome, but worried about how you will eat gluten free?  Even though it is the home of pizza and pasta, Italy is surprisingly gluten free friendly.

As a coeliac in Rome you will not miss out on any traditional Italian food if you know where to look. This guide to Rome gluten free gives you 15 safe options around the city, including some 100% gluten free options!  I have been told gelato often has wheat added to it in Italy, so there are also two safe ice cream shops listed.  Buon appetito!


There are some useful links at the end of the post for the Italian Coeliac Society, translation cards and a handy overview map of Rome.

*100% gluten free food is noted, but as some things may have got lost in translation, please ensure you do your own checking!

Mama Eat

Mama Eat Rome gluten free

Mama Eat restaurant is a haven for coeliacs, with gluten free options being particularly close to their heart as one of the co-owners has coeliac disease.

Recognised by the AIC (Italian Celiac Association), coeliacs can feel confident of having a safe and delicious meal due to the separate gluten free kitchen and being spoilt for choice with a gluten free version of every meal on the menu!

Can you imagine eating exactly the same as your family? Bruschetta to start, followed by a pizza or pasta for a main course, washed down with a gluten free beer! If you prefer, you can have a steak, fish or a salad, but you are not limited to these options here if you are gluten free. If you have any room left, you can also have a chocolate cake or ice cream for dessert (lactose free options available)!


Mama Eat is around a 35 minute walk from Vatican city in Trastevere, a lovely medieval neighbourhood with plenty of touristy things to do as well as a great nightlife scene. For some ideas on what do in Trastevere, this Lonely Planet article has some ideas.

Via di S. Cosimato, 7, 00153 Rome   Tel: +39 06 580 62 22 (bookings taken)
7 days 11am – midnight

They also have a restaurant in Naples and Milan.


Mama Eat Street food

*100% gluten free.  Owned by Mama Eat (above), this is a street food concept where the food is 100% gluten free and lactose free.

Here coeliacs can enjoy all the fried foods that are not normally available gluten free – Neopolitan cuoppi (fried food in a paper cone) such as fish & chips, fried vegetables, croquettes, arancini, scugnizielli*, bombettes and donuts.  You can also enjoy a salad or risotto, panuozzi**, sandwiches, pizza and pasta (including lasagne) and risotto.
* scugnizielli is fried pizza dough     ** panuozzi is a pizza dough sandwich

mama-frites-collage-2_opt mama-frites-collage1_opt

This is a casual venue where food is served in paper cones, cardboard boxes or on plastic plates.  Fantastic for a quick bite to eat before going out for the evening, or to satisfy the late night ‘munchies’.

It is the same menu in both locations and beer (traditional & gluten free) and wine is available. There is a small amount of seating available if you wish to eat in (no bookings).

Vatican areaBorgo Pio, 28, 00193 Rome   Tel: +39 06 8351 3906


A go go – gluten free

A takeaway store with fast healthy foods.  Coffee, smoothies and hot and cold meals. The Italian food on display reminds me of Pelligrinis in Melbourne when I was a kid!  On offer is sandwiches, pizzas, lovely meats and salads as well as cakes.  There are a couple of seats if you do just want to sit and have a cup of coffee.

gluten free takeaway Rome

Source: A gogo FB

Via Giulio Cesare 68, 00192 Rome
Open 7 days early until late


La Soffitta Renovatio

There are great reviews of this restaurant for pizza, pasta (all available gf for surcharge), foccacia and desserts. Separate gluten free menu.  In the Vatican area.

Piazza del Risorgimento, 46/a, 00192 Rome   Tel: +39 06 6889 2977


Voglia di Pizza

All dishes on the menu are available gluten free (gluten free menu available).  There is pizza (of course!), but also fried appetizers and desserts so you will not go hungry.  For the beer lovers, there are also 5 different gluten free beers.  They have a separate area for gluten free meal preparation.

voglia di pizza gluten free pizza Rome

Source: Voglia Facebook

Nearby to: Campo de’ Fiori, piazza Navona, Pantheon, Castel Sant’Angelo and Vatican.

Via dei Giubbonari, 33 , 00816 Rome    Tel: +39 06 98381849
Open 7 days, midday to midnight

Pizza in Trevi 

I believe they have a separate kitchen for gluten free and they are located in a great spot near the Trevi fountain.  They provide a separate gluten free menu with appetisers (incl. bruschetta), mains (incl. pizza) and dessert available.  I have seen some reviews saying it is the best gluten free pizza in Rome, so worth checking out!

Via di S. Vincenzo, 30-30A, 00187 Roma  Tel: +39 06 678 5986
7 days 10am-midnight

La Pasticciera (Bakery)

*100% gluten free. An entirely gluten free bakery with sweet and savoury delicacies as well as sandwiches (focaccia) which are great for taking on the train.  They are just a few minutes walk from Termini station (Via Marsala side).

Via Varese 43, 00185 Rome
Open 7 days a week, but check website for holiday closing time.

Pizzeria Teresina Senza Glutine 

Next door to a traditional pizza restaurant, the owners have a dedicated wood oven for take-away gluten free pizza.

Via di S.Tommaso D’Aquino, 123-125, 00136 Rome
Open 7 days 7.15pm-11pm


Sans de Ble (Bakery)

*100% gluten free. An entirely gluten free bakery with sweet treats and freshly made sandwiches. They also have ice creams.

sans de ble gluten free bakery Rome

Source: SansdeBle Faceook

For a review, click here.

Via Gabriello Chiabrera, 58, 00145 Rome
Tues 2pm-7.30pm, Wed-Sat 9am-7.30pm, Sun 9am-1.30pm


Pandali a Roma (Bakery)

*100% gluten free. An entirely gluten free bakery where you can takeaway or stop for breakfast or lunch.


Source: Pandali Facebook

pandali gluten free bakery Rome

Source: Alan&Tanya

Click the link  for a review.

Via di Torre Argentina, 3, 00186 Rome  Tel +39 06 6813 6731
Mon – Fri 7.30am – 4pm, Sat – Sun 9.30am – 7.30pm 

celiachiamo gluten free food Rome

Source: Celiachiamo Facebook

*100% gluten free

They have three shops around Rome for gluten free products, with two stores producing fresh gluten free bakery products, including sandwiches, pizza, cakes and donuts.   These mini supermarkets stock a huge range of packaged gluten free brands, including freezer products.

Via Giulio Venticinque 32/34  Tel +39 06 39754621
opposite Metro Cipro (line A)

Via Carlo Caneva 40   Tel +39 06 64260188
Tiburtina station area

Via della Magliana 183   Tel +39 06 5506174
Marconi Portuense side

Opening hours vary between stores – check website for up to date details.


Gluten Free Food 

*100% gluten free.  Sweet and savory food to order as well as packaged products. Daily arrivals of bread, focaccia, sandwiches, pizza, donuts and even croissants!

gluten free groceries Rome

Source: Gluten Free Store website

Owned by a pharmacist with a coeliac daughter.

viale, Viale Anicio Gallo, 57, 00174 Rome  Tel +39 06 8117 5601
No opening hours on website



Erudito Burger Bar  

*100% gluten free.  In Pigneto, about 25 minutes train from the centre of Rome, near La Sapienza university. Gluten free sourdough buns (also lactose free and vegetarian) are used for meat or vegetarian burgers and sides of chips or nachos.

gluten free burger in Rome

Largo di San Luca Evangelista, 4-5, 00176 Rome
7 days 6.30pm-midnight

Napoleoni Gluten Free – Pasticceria Roma

Source: Napoleoni FB

*100% gluten free.  Fresh pastries, frozen ice-cream cakes, bread, pizza – all without gluten.

Via Appia Nuova, 592, 00178 Rome  Tel +39 06 7804727
Tues-Sun 6am-9.30pm


New Food Gluten Free Bakery

New Food Gluten Free Bakery Rome

Source: New Food website

*100% gluten free.  Bread, pasta, pizza, desserts all freshly prepared each day.



Largo Alberto Pepere 26,  00151 Rome   Tel +39 06 5823 0394
Mon-Fri 8:30am – 8pm, Sat 8:30am – 1.30pm


GROM gelateria

*100% gluten free.  Grom is 100% natural, using fresh, raw ingredients with no nasties.

Grom gluten free gelato Rome

Source: Grom Facebook

They are now 100% gluten free and work closely with the Italian Coeliac society to ensure coeliacs can eat safely and all the cones are gluten free.

They have 10 locations around Rome, and are also in many other popular Italian tourist destinations (and also around the world, including Paris, London and Hong Kong!)

Long opening hours and some stores even do home delivery!

Fatamorgana gelato

*100% gluten free.  The ice cream as natural as possible, containing only pure raw materials.  Gluten free cones as the owner is coeliac!  There are also dairy free and nut free ice creams.

fatamorgana gluten free gelato Rome

Source: Fatamorgana Facebook

6 locations around Rome – check website for more detail

Via Leone IV, 50, 00192 Rome

Via Laurina, 10, 00187 Rome (Trieste)

Via Roma Libera, 11, 00153 Rome (Trastevere)

Piazza degli Zingari, 5, 00184 Rome (Monti)

They also have locations around the world!


Gilli’s Holidays

Gilli’s Holidays is a specialist holiday service offering hotels throughout Italy suitable for coeliacs and also those with a lactose intolerance.  After having worked in the travel industry for many years, Gilli went live with her own Gilli’s Holidays web site 10 years ago and in that time her portfolio has grown to include Lakes Garda, Iseo and Maggiore, Venice, Tuscany, Sorrento, ski resorts in the Dolomites and a B&B guest house in Rome – My Guest Roma (pics below) –  with very good cheap public transport links to almost everywhere in the city!  

mgr-rome-bedroom_opt mgr-rome-bathroom_opt

Wherever possible Gilli’s hotel choice is for small to medium sized family run hotels not used by major tour operators and in fact the Rome and Venice B&Bs have less than 10 rooms each.  

More and more popular is the idea of a few days in a city coupled with a lake destination, Sorrento or Siena and although she does not actually book the travel, Gilli is only too happy to put together an itinerary which includes train times, transfers and best flight options.  

gluten free hotel lake garda

Hotel in Lake Garda

Siena gluten free hotel

Hotel in Siena, Tuscany

Over time Gilli’s slogan has become ‘Italians do it better’ – as more and more hotels and restaurants offer gluten free options.  When asked about her job, she said the most rewarding part is welcoming the number of guests who return to Italy year after year!

Borgo Gentile Relais

This guest house 66 kilometres out of Rome is run by a dietitian and the restaurant is totally gluten free (and also suitable for lactose free and vegetarians).

 Via dei tre colli SP 53 N. 8, 02040 Tarano RI, Italy


Gluten free cornetto! – look out in the shops around Italy for these 🙂


Gluten Free Roads – search database for restaurants, shops & accommodation

Translation cards – cards explaining gluten free in other languages

Coeliac Italia website – has a lot of suggestions for places to eat

Italian Coeliac Association – helpful if you can speak Italian!

Rome Map  – a map with a high level overview of the areas of Rome to get your bearings



For more ideas on travelling gluten free, please check the following links:

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    Thank you ever so much for this brilliant list !
    My partner is Coeliac and was a bit defeated and I told him I’ll have a look for any coeliac and GF restaurants. Now he’s gonna be more than happy !

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    Thank you so much for this comprehensive gf list! We are headed to Italy in a few weeks and this will be helpful.

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  3. Sarah Schmalenberger says:

    BioWorld grocery in Rome has many items for people with various allergies. We found many gluten-free breads as well as vegan and vegetarian options. Their Facebook page includes directions and photos. Its location on via della pisani is about four km from the center downtown, but THEY DELIVER!!! +39 339 325 7127

  4. Sarah Schmalenberger says:

    Check out the delicious croissants at Sans de ble, a totally gluten free Pasticceria in Rome, near the Basilica St. Paul Outside the Walls on Via Gabriello Chiabrera 58/c Many choices of great yummy eats, and they participate in the tiramisu festival too. Their Facebook page has photos that will make your mouth water, and here’s their website (in Italian)

  5. Sushil says:

    Thank you so much for this- this list is just amazing ! We are going to Italy next week, and Rome is going to be so much more exciting thanks to your website. We are also going to Florence and Venice- any suggestions for where to eat gluten/ lactose free there ?

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