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Stockholm – gluten fri so easy!

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I had the pleasure of visiting some friends in Stockholm at end of July and had some fantastic gluten free treats.  I did a lot of research on places to eat beforehand, but as they weren’t near where we ended up going, my friends had phoned ahead at a couple of places that came up trumps!

On our first day, we visited Vaxholm, which is a lovely little archipelago town.  We arrived by car, and then got the ferry back to the city centre (around 50 minutes).

Vaxholm - water by cafe

Vaxholm – water by cafe

We had lunch at an extremely popular cafe called Hembygdsgården, which is right by the water with lots of outdoor seating and also some indoor seating.

There is no mention of gluten free on the menu out the front, but when you ask at the counter (in English), it was no problem to make a gluten free sandwich.  They also have the most amazing cake buffet, and there was only one item marked as gluten free, but there were two or three other options when we asked.  I’m was not entirely sure about cross contamination issues, so I didn’t have a cake, but the display was fantastic.

Smoked salmon on GF bread

Smoked salmon on GF bread

Delicious looking meringues

Delicious looking meringues










Hembygdsgården cafe
Trädgärdsgatan 19,
185 32
Tel: 08 541 31 980


The following day we went to the ABBA museum which was great fun. (Note: they don’t take cash and it is a good idea to pre-book tickets to avoid queues.)  Quite nearby was the Nordic Museum and we were able to go in to use the cafe without paying the entry fee for the museum.

A quick chat with the lady behind the counter and she checked with the chef which options were gluten free (several were available) and I chose the salad with pancetta which was delicious.  At the point of paying she asked if I would like some gluten free bread – aah, that would be a yes!!  She even went a got me a special pot of butter that wouldn’t be contaminated with bread crumbs from the communal area where you would normally get the butter from.

Fantastic knowledge of the concerns of a coeliac.  The bread was a hard flat bread – more like a biscuit, but it was nice to have something extra with the meal.

Pancetta salad

Pancetta salad

GF Swedish flat bread

GF Swedish flat bread








There were also several gluten free cake options and I chose the ‘biskvi’ – a biscuity  base with a soft, sweet & creamy inside, covered with chocolate.  Quite rich, but lovely.

Biskvi - gluten fri

Biskvi – gluten fri

Biskvi - on the inside...

Biskvi – on the inside…






Nordic Musuem (Nordiska museet) cafe
Djurgårdsvägen 6-16
115 21

ICA sign_opt

Back at our friend’s place for a BBQ, and we stopped by their local ICA supermarket to get some supplies.

This was a small suburban supermarket, but they still had a gluten free shelf of pasta, bread, biscuits and flours. ICA GF shelf_opt


In summary, I think Sweden must be similar to Finland, where I have heard it is a gluten free heaven with lots of awareness and availability.  Although I only ate out twice, it was so easy.  I was so disappointed not to try McDonald’s with a GF bun (it was going to be my dinner before boarding a flight where I couldn’t request a meal), but although there is a McDonalds at the airport, alas, it was not at Terminal 2 where we flew from. (So, pretzels for dinner, again! To be fair, I could have got a Greek salad from Starbucks, but as I had psyched myself for McDonald’s, a plain old salad just didn’t cut it!)

Please see my Restaurant list page for a Stockholm listing for further ideas for your visit.

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