Living and travelling gluten free in the UK, Australia & around the world!

Visiting the UK


New to the UK or just visiting?Map of United Kingdom

This handy guide (below) will get you started with UK gluten free – what you need to know about label reading and a listing of many chain restaurants that offer gluten free options.  (This is what I wished I had when I moved to London!)

Intro to Gluten Free – UK (general guidance, label reading etc)

UK Restaurant chains offering gluten free

London Gluten Free Restaurant list

Please see the Restaurant Lists page for a 30 page document of restaurants in Central London, including addresses and tube stations.  This is a continual work in progress so check back regularly for updates.  The restaurant lists page also has other listings for around the United Kingdom (and the world!).

Click the link for a collation of London restaurant reviews.

UK 100percent GF flag_optThere are a number of 100% gluten free venues in London, and all around the UK.   Please click here for 100% gluten free venues.

Train stations and airports

Airport departure sign_optPlease see the entries on London train stations and airports.


Camden railway bridge sign_optPlease see the entries on Greenwich market and Borough Market and Camden Market.

Reviews of retail shops selling gluten free food

M&S Food HK sign_opt

Please go to the ‘REVIEWS’ menu at the top of the page and choose “Retail Food Shops” from the drop down list.  NB: This is not a complete list!

You may also find this list of UK gluten free bread manufacturers useful.

Other UK Reviews

Restaurant reviews can be found here, mainly focused on London, but also cover some other areas in the UK, such as York and Devon.  Reviews are in the pipeline for Edinburgh, the Scottish Highlands and the Lake District (restaurant lists are already available).


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