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York gluten free

By on March 29, 2014 in UK Restaurant Reviews with 9 Comments

A couple of weekends away in York revealed some gluten free treats, however since writing this post, most of great venues I ate at have closed.

  This post was last updated in Aug 2020.

I have been to York several times, but this time more as a tourist rather than just visiting friends.    I hadn’t been inside the York Minster for about 20 years, and this time did the climb to the top of the tower – 256 spiral staircase steps!    Before doing this, breakfast was essential, and we ate at Café Concerto which is very close to the Minster on High Petergate – if you get the table at the window, you can even see the Minster.  Unsurprisingly it has a music theme, with sheet music on the walls and various musical decorations.  It is not over the top, it just gives it a nice feel – it is a café by day and bistro by night.

Cafe Concerto sign_opt Cafe Concerto french toast_opt

For breakfast, gluten free bread is available and although they do not have a separate toaster, they are happy to clean the wire racks (I assume this is a commercial kind of toaster and not a traditional one), or are happy to grill it for you.  I went for the French toast, as that avoids the toaster altogether and a clean pan is used each time.  I love cinnamon sugar and you are provided with a pot of it so you can add as much or as little as you like.    If you are visiting for lunch or dinner, there is a comprehensive separate gluten free menu.

Pottering around the shops on the way to walk the wall surrounding the city, I found several gluten free options due to great signage that I had not found on my pre-visit search so have added them to the restaurant list but please note that this is no longer being updated.

Drakes Fish & ChipsThe most exciting find was gluten free fish and chips at Drakes on a Monday evening, so next time we will have to make it a long weekend stay!  NB  There has been concern on social media about frying with gluten items – I popped in and spoke to them and they do not have a separate fryer, but they are frying the gluten free fish in the chip fryer.  Make sure you double check when ordering.

Two of the other places we visited have unfortunately close down, Filmore & Union and La Tasca. If you are visiting other towns around the UK, there is a review on La Tasca here. Unfortunately the 100% gluten free restaurant  also closed in 2019.

There are plenty of shops to potter about in York, for example in the Shambles, but wander all around the city.  The hubby found several second hand record stores and came away very pleased with some rare finds.

I discovered that up North they say scone like the Australians do (rhyming with ‘con’) and not the posh way rhyming with ‘cone’!

I had hoped to eat at the York Roast Co, as I noticed the gravy was gluten free on the sign outside and I popped in to check that the potatoes are also gluten free (even though not marked on the menu as GF).   The roast is usually served either in a sandwich or yorkshire pudding, so I was hoping to just have the meat & veg on a plate, but the cross contamination issues were too risky as the girl doing the carving was putting the meat straight on to the bread and closing the sandwich and then back to carving the roast.   So disappointing, but it would be OK for people just avoiding gluten and not a Coeliac.  A few extra procedures could probably make it gluten free friendly.

I didn’t visit Betty’s Tea Rooms, which is a York institution.  They do have a gluten intolerant menu (eg omelette, salad/macaroons, florentines), but be aware flour is used extensively in the kitchen.

Another institution in York is the York Castle Museum.  I love the re-creation of a Victorian street (complete with smells and sound effects) and the jail cells were also very well brought to life.

It would be remiss not to mention chocolate in a posting about York.  York is a great chocolate town, with historic links to Rowntree’s, Terry’s (remember the chocolate orange?) and Nestlé is still operating there.  Famous names like Kit Kat and Smarties started their life there and it only twigged while we were there that the Yorkie bar also obviously started life in York! (It is gluten free by ingredient but has a ‘may contain’ gluten statement on it – what a shame….)  For information on the chocolate trail and exhibition, click here.

Yorkie bar_opt

For train travellers, there are also some really good gluten free options at York Train station.

York Station exterior_opt


For other ideas for safe places to eat, have a look at the 100% gluten free – Northern England listing.

For more ideas on eating out gluten free in London and the UK, please check the following links:

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  1. Frances G Brock says:

    Unfortunately la Cremeria has closed – Mannions, in Blake Street is a good place for gluten free lunch – just stress if you need careful handling regarding cross contamination.

  2. Josh says:

    Thanks for the article!

    Great help!!!

  3. Angie Wildman says:


    Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work in finding and reporting on Gluten Free Restaorants. We are going up to York in a few days and your list of eating out places will be invaluable and enhance our holiday.

    Kind regards
    Angie Wildman

    • The Coeliac Plate says:

      Hi Angie
      Thank you for the thank you (it doesn’t happen often!)! Enjoy your time in York – it is a great place to visit. If you find anything new to add to the list, please let me know! Regards, Caroline

  4. dunblanemike says:

    Well done with this….but you missed El piano. It is entirely GF and veggie too.
    Living in Scotland I’ll keep an eye out for the Edinburgh update you mentioned above.

  5. David mc says:

    As a coeliac of 11 years I do a lot of research to locate suitable places to eat and have unearthed quite a few, most of which I pass on to my fellow members of the gluten free message board to assist them as they do me in turn. Coming across your blog I really appreciated the work that you have done in publicising what you have found. I enjoyed the Scotland lists greatly and could add a significant number to it myself, especially in Edinburgh. Keep up the good work! I have given your blog a mention on the gluten free message board as I would expect that others there will also appreciate what you have done. I have also recently added some links in messages on the board which provide a lot of information on eating GF in Ireland, North and South. These are also saved on the linked Supplementary Message Board at the top of the message board page. So if you ever find your way here, the North, let me know and I will pass on what I know.


    David mc

    • The Coeliac Plate says:

      Thanks David – glad it has been of help & thanks for sharing on the messageboard! I am still to write up my posts on Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands. When I do, I’ll get in touch to add some more to the Edinburgh list.

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