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I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2006 and like you, probably spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find safe places to eat –  this is a particular challenge when travelling.

I started my blog while living in London and taking advantage of Europe being so close.Caroline pic_web  I found other people’s blogs so helpful in planning my travels that I decided to return the favour and hope you find it useful :-).

I am now living back in Melbourne, but still have strong ties with the UK and we visit as often as we can.  I am continuing to maintain the popular 100% gluten free England series of listings.

The blog is a mixture of reviews from the UK, Australia and around the world.

LogoColorTextBelowcroppedI came up with the name ‘The Coeliac Plate’ while in Las Vegas and went to PF Chang’s for Chinese food and the gluten free food was served on a different plate to the normal meals – it inspired so much confidence that I was getting the right order (particularly when they were crazy busy) and think it is a great idea for restaurants to adopt.

I would also love to campaign restaurants to mark gluten free on the menu (as vegetarian meals always are) or to have a separate menu – it is sooooo exhausting having to ask and check things all the time!

I’m a qualified nutritionist and an ex-IT project manager.  I have in the past volunteered with both Coeliac Australia and Coeliac UK for many years, and see my blog as an extension of helping the Coeliac Community.

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